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All Pool cleaning & maintenance can be set up as weekly or semi-monthly services with our swimming pool cleaning service package program.

Our Weekly & Semi-Monthly Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

During our weekly and semi-monthly swimming pool cleaning services we:

Vacation service:

For the homeowner who doesn’t want to worry about the pool while on vacation

  • Break down D/E or cartridge filter
  • Clean and inspect filter elements for proper operation
  • Recharge D/E filters with new D/E
  • Restart system and check for proper operation

We offer a variety of Weekly Services:

  • Test water chemistry
  • Add chemicals to maintain proper chemistry
  • Remove any debris from pool
  • Empty pump and skimmer baskets
  • Brush sides and bottom of pool as needed
  • Inspect equipment for proper operation
  • Back wash D/E and sand filters as needed
  • Inspect filters and recommend filter service
  • Vacuum sediment or debris as needed
  • Inspect salt systems for proper operation


For the homeowner that doesn’t mind doing the cleaning

  • Test water chemistry
  • Add chemicals to maintain proper chemistry
  • Inspect equipment for proper operation
  • Inspect filter pressure and recommend filter service
  • Backwash filters as needed

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Algae removal:

Often times, a new client will call us because they came back from a vacation or business trip to a green pool. Although they may know how to clean and maintain their own pool normally, a green pool turnaround is a different situation. If this happens to you, our techs will test your PH alkalinity and then add the appropriate amount of chlorine and shock that will kill the algae that has invaded your pool. We will also add a copper-based algaecide and then vacuum and clean your pool filter. If more than chemical treatment is needed, we will go the extra step and drain, clean and then refill your pool.

 In most cases, algae can be treated in two or three days with chemicals and algaecides, along with frequent brushing and vacuuming. The filter needs to be broken down and cleaned before treatment and twice after treatment. In more extreme cases the filter elements may need to be replaced. In the most extreme cases, the pool water must be drained, and the pool must be chlorine-washed or acid-washed, depending on the severity. Each algae removal case is different than the last and must be evaluated before pricing can be established.

Dripping Springs Pool Repair
Dripping Springs Pool Repair

Filter Cleaning

A Plus Pool Service is experienced with all swimming pool filters. Sand filters are one of the easiest to maintain since water is pushed through a bed of silica sand and removed through a set of lateral tubes at the bottom. Cartridges are considered to be economical and low maintenance filters. With these, water passes though a filter material and the filter captures the debris. DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is a filter considered to be “the water polisher.” Diatomaceous Earth is the mined and fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diatoms which are used to coat “grids” in the filter housing and act as tiny sieves to remove debris. They are very small and can filter out particles as small as 5 microns.

Tile Cleaning

For a tile clean, a PoolRite tech will lower the water level to expose the tile lines, use pressurized air with glass media, nozzle down and add minerals (such as magnesium sulfate), and remove the calcium and hard water deposits. Finally, he or she will vacuum and fill the pool with water. This process normally takes 3 to 4 hours but could be longer depending upon the size of your pool and the cleaning needed.
We use professional products specifically designed to allow pool water to remain clear and usable while stains are removed. Our stain-removal treatments are strong and guaranteed to remove all your swimming pool stains.

Dripping Springs Pool Repair
Dripping Springs Pool Repair

Chlorine Wash

If your pool’s once-beautiful aesthetic appearance is suffering from an influx of grimy-looking stains, PoolRite can remedy that problem, removing them quickly and efficiently. A chlorine wash is a great way to get your pool looking new again when you’re having recurring issues with algae — particularly green or yellow algae. The pool must be drained to accommodate this process, but will be filled upon completion. The chlorine wash can bring a pool back to easily maintainable levels.


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